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Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • Which type of yacht to choose?
    The choice of yacht depends entirely on your preferences, needs and wishes. a) The sailboat is suitable for families, friends, comrades, clubs and for a sporty holiday. b) The catamaran is larger and very spacious on board. This makes the catamaran an ideal ship for families with children. c) The motorboat is for those who love high speed on the water.
  • Sailboat or catamaran?
    The catamaran is more suitable for skippers with little sailing experience. Also for skippers who don't feel safe. Thanks to two motors, you can easily turn the catamaran on the plate. Its heeling will not be more than 5°. A catamaran offers a lot of comfort and, above all, a larger saloon and larger cabins. The sailboat is more suitable for sporty sailing. Port fees and fuel consumption are cheaper on a sailboat.
  • How do I book a boat with
    With the yacht finder on our homepage, after entering a few selection criteria, you will immediately receive your dream yacht. You can then print out the offer for you. You can also book the yacht online or enter an option for the yacht. Of course, you also have the option via our email address or by phone +43 676 913 79 76 Submit your charter request. We will then look for the yacht that best suits your ideas.
  • Can I book a charter for less than a week?
    Charters usually start and end on a Saturday. But if you only have a few days, this can be organized. We would be happy to process your request.
  • Should I book a professional skipper?
    If you have no sailing experience or do not have a skipper's license, you are required to hire a skipper. Even if you have little sailing experience, it would be advisable to hire a skipper for at least a few days, as his knowledge will benefit you. We would be happy to organize a skipper for you for one or two days.
  • What qualifications do I need to have for a bareboat charter?
    You must have a certificate of competency (sailing license, coastal license) to charter a boat, as well as a VHF radio license in Croatia
  • Which licenses are recognized in Croatia?
    Licenses and certificates that comply with the Croatian program and include state verification are recognized by the Croatian authorities.
  • Is a motorboat license also valid for sailing yachts?
    A license issued for motorboats can be recognized as valid if it clearly indicates that it is also suitable for driving a sailboat.
  • Is my license valid for a barboat charter?
    If you have a sailing license or motorboat license, send it to us by email or Whatsapp and we will check its validity for the respective charter area.
  • I have many years of experience in sailing, but I don't have a license. What should I do?
    You can acquire the license in your home country through a course or training. Another option is to take an exam directly at the Croatian Port Authority. This option, in conjunction with skipper training, is also regularly offered on our homepage.
  • Is the skipper service included in the price?
    If you choose a skipper, they will be listed separately in the charter contract. You are also obliged to take care of the skipper's meals.
  • Where does the skipper sleep?
    In many cases the skipper sleeps in the salon. However, it is recommended that the skipper has his own cabin when chartering. The skipper is responsible for steering the boat and the safety of the people on board every day, so he should be well rested! It is often annoying for guests not to have a free salon available.
  • Are there any additional costs other than the charter price that I should budget for?
    a) Costs for final cleaning between €40 and €200 depending on boat size and number of crew. Often included in the transit log. b) Transit Log: Is often included in the charter price. If not, the price depends on the size of the boat, ranges from €70 to €250, and includes: bed linen, crew list, check-in and check-out procedure, cooking gas, port fees, etc. c) Fuel – depending on engine consumption and weather, approximately 3-12 liters per hour for sailboats.The boat is taken over with a full tank and must also be returned with a full tank. When you take over the boat, also check where the nearest gas station is so that you can fill the tank before returning to the marina. There is a gas station in almost every marina. We would be happy to send you the list of gas stations. d) Refundable deposit (payable in cash or by credit card) – the refundable deposit, which you pay during the check-in procedure after your arrival at the marina, serves as security for the charter company against possible damage to the boat crew could suffer. The deposit paid will be refunded without deductions if the boat is returned free of damage at the agreed time. In the event of boat damage or equipment loss, the damage will be paid with the deposit money, while major damage will be covered by the insurance company. If you hire one of our skippers, he will be responsible for the handling of the boat - sailing, navigation, anchoring, as well as any damage that he may have personally caused. The price of the refundable deposit depends on the boat type and size, and is approximately €800 to €2000 e) Mooring fees – should you choose to stay overnight in the marinas. The price of a berth is approximately €50 to €150 per day, depending on the boat size, period and specific marina. These fee costs apply to all marinas, apart from the yacht's home marina. (in this marina the annual anchorage is paid). However, in most marinas only the berth is free on the first night and last night of charters.
  • Is there parking near the marina?
    Most marinas have parking spaces so that your vehicle is safe during your sailing trip. Most of the time a fee is charged for this. Ask us about it, we will be happy to tell you the costs for your marina.
  • What should I bring?
    You can of course receive a detailed equipment list from us or download it from our homepage.
  • Where should I moor, in the marina or in bays?
    If you have enough electricity (in the batteries), water and food, you can spend the night in one of the numerous well-enclosed bays. If you have booked a skipper, you will have no problems finding a safe bay because the skippers know the sailing area very well. If you are piloting the boat alone, contact us for help - we will be happy to give you suggestions about safe bays in the sea area where you are sailing. You can also ask the charter company staff for their suggestions and recommendations during the check-in procedure at the marina.
  • What currency do I need to pay anchorage fees or other costs?
    Please note that all services are paid for in local currency. It is sometimes possible to pay anchorage fees in Euros, but this depends on the marina and should be checked in advance. You can also pay with a credit card in restaurants, shops and supermarkets. If you sail in the territorial waters of Slovenia, Italy or Montenegro, the additional costs will be paid either in Euros or with a credit card.
  • Technical equipment on board?
    If you would like to book a yacht on our website, please check the additional information about the equipment for each yacht in our offer. If you need further assistance, simply contact us and we will send you a document listing all the equipment for your chosen yacht. All yachts in our offer have safety and navigation equipment, as well as navigation maps.
  • Are there bed linen, cutlery or similar? on board?
    Bedding (sheets, duvets, pillows) are provided on every boat. Some charter companies also offer towels (both beach towels and personal care towels). The kitchen is equipped with an oven, stove, refrigerator, sink, cooking appliances and cutlery. Detergent, dishcloths, etc. are not on board, but you can purchase these in supermarkets within the marinas before check-in.
  • Which places should I visit?
    We would be happy to make you a trip suggestion and tell you the most beautiful places and sights you can visit.
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