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Yacht charter process

Easy Yacht Charter, Renate Wimmer Agency

How can I reserve my dream yacht?

OFFER: If you have found a yacht from our offer, you can have the offer sent to you by email. You will find a green button at the bottom of the offer. If you click on this CONFIRM BOOKING button, you can either book an OPTION or book the yacht straight away.

OPTION:Once you have found your dream yacht, you can book an option on it. This will reserve the yacht for you for a few days, of course at no additional cost.

Easy Yacht Charter, Renate Wimmer Agency

BOOKING CONFIRMATION: If you decide on the yacht, click on book yacht or simply send us an email. You will receive the booking confirmation from us by email.

DOWN PAYMENT: Once you have received the booking confirmation, the deposit, usually 50% of the charter amount, is also due. This also fixes the booking.

TRIP PREPARATION: Now it's time to plan the trip, book any extras that increase comfort and safety and fill out the crew list, where all passengers are listed. We would also be happy to give you tips for planning your trip or recommend one or two good restaurants.

FINAL PAYMENT:In good time before the final payment is due, usually 4-5 weeks before the start of the charter,  We will send you an email where we will also point out the options for charter insurance.

BOARDING PASS:After the entire charter fee has been paid, we will send you the boarding pass and the information about the charter base as well as the contact details of your boat manager.

CHECK IN:After arriving at the charter base, check-in and payment for extras will be carried out with the boat manager. The deposit for the yacht must be paid in cash or by credit card. Now your trip can begin, the most wonderful time of the year to relax, unwind and have fun.  We wish you “Always a hand’s breadth of water under your keel”.

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